Watamu Marine National Park – coral quadrats

Purchased a coral care package? Use the ID for your patch of reef to see the latest photograph below. New quadrats will be taken every six months, so you can check back any time to see how the coral in your patch is responding to the current bleaching event.

B1Bennetts1 July 2020
B2Bennetts1 July 2020
B3Bennetts1 July 2020
B4Bennetts1 July 2020
B5Bennetts1 July 2020
B6Bennetts1 July 2020
B7Bennetts1 July 2020
B8Bennetts1 July 2020
B9Bennetts1 July 2020
B10Bennetts1 July 2020
B11Bennetts1 July 2020
B13Bennetts1 July 2020
B14Bennetts18 August 2020
B15Bennetts18 August 2020
BABennetts1 July 2020
BBBennetts1 July 2020
BDBennetts3 July 2020
BEBennetts18 August 2020
U1Uyombo21 August 2020
U2Uyombo4 July 2020