Plant for Mekse Nature Park, Lebanon


Your gift will buy a plant for the Mekse Nature Park in Lebanon, providing habitat for birds, reptiles and invertebrates and contributing to a safe open space for public recreation and environmental education.


Mekse is a town in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley where refugees outnumber the local population. Thousands of people fleeing the conflicts in Syria have settled in this region, many in one of the 730 informal settlements that have sprung up. Mekse is making considerable efforts to welcome the refugees, particularly in giving the Syrian children an education, and a new school has been built next to our project site. Yet with this rapid urban growth, green space is becoming a scarce commodity.

A Rocha Lebanon is implementing the Mekse project in partnership with the Municipality of Mekse on a 3-hectare plot of land. Your gift of a tree sapling or shrub like lavender, rosemary or rose will create habitat for birds, reptiles and invertebrates, as well as contributing to a safe open space for public recreation and environmental education.

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