Beehive, Kenya


Your gift will provide a farmer in Dakatcha Woodlands Important Bird Area with a hive and beekeeping training, equipping a sustainable source of income using the forest’s rich resources.


Dakatcha Woodlands is one of the most important sites for wildlife conservation in Kenya. A Rocha Kenya’s beekeeping programme is working with 100 farmers across five villages in the forest, equipping them to generate income by using local, natural resources, without over-exploiting the habitat.

A project developed by the Kipepeo Butterfly Farm in Gede has established a ready market for honey and other bee products. However, the expense of modern beehives and the lack of beekeeping skills, mean that many community members resort to more environmentally destructive practices to earn an income to support their families, such as timber extraction and charcoal production.

Your gift will provide a Kenyan farmer with a beehive and training: the basic entrepreneurial skills to increase their income and reduce their dependence on unsustainable forest products. They will also be taught about the conservation value of the forest and its rich diversity of life. It holds two species of Globally Endangered birds, Sokoke Scops Owl Otus ireneae and Clarke’s Weaver Ploceus golandi, which only occur in a few parts of East Africa. The woodlands are also important in winter for birds which breed in Europe, but are rapidly declining, including cuckoo and Spotted Flycatcher Muscicapa striata. It is vital that their wintering grounds are protected.



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