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The Dakatcha Woodland on the north coast of Kenya is home to at least 13 globally threatened species of animals or plants. These include Africa’s smallest owl, the Sokoke Scops Owl and the remarkable Golden-rumped Sengi – both of which only occur in two other places in the world. However, the woodland has no formal protection and is being rapidly cleared for charcoal and agriculture. In 2020 the rate of destruction increased ten-fold! Your gift today will help us purchase land to protect these precious species and expand the A Rocha Dakatcha Nature Reserve.

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Dakatcha Woodland is an important water catchment in a water-scarce landscape, protecting the fragile soil from erosion, and moderating the local climate. Furthermore, the woodland is rich in wildlife and has been designated as an Important Bird Area by BirdLife International and forms part of a coastal forest global biodiversity hotspot defined by Conservation International.

Having been an inaccessible area of forest away from any main roads, Dakatcha has survived to date. However, an increasing human population has led to improved infrastructure and in 2020 a tarmac road was built into the heart of the area, opening it up for exploitation. Charcoal burning has become rampant across the woodland and people are flooding in from across Kenya at the news of agricultural land available for purchase. As a result, the forest is disappearing fast. A Rocha’s conservation activities are critical for its survival.

A Rocha Kenya has been working in Dakatcha Woodland since 2000 as part of a long running programme of research and conservation. In 2001 the team discovered critical populations of the globally Endangered Sokoke Scops Owl Otus irenae, Africa’s smallest owl. Then, as recently as 2019, A Rocha scientists confirmed the presence of the Golden-rumped Sengi Rhynchocyon chrysopygus, endemic to Dakatcha and the nearby Arabuko-Sokoke Forest. In light of this and the urgency of protecting the habitat from rapidly expanding pineapple plantations and charcoal burning activity, A Rocha purchased an initial 220 acres of forest, now known as the Kirosa Scott Reserve. Without this level of protection, the ever-increasing human pressure exerted on the woodland would result in the extinction of the owl as well as other species that are special to the area.

Your purchase of land today will help us to expand the reserve, providing further protection for the Sokoke Scops Owl and so many other precious inhabitants of the Dakatcha Woodland!

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