Organic gardening workshop, Peru


In the community of Pacasmayo, in northern Peru, there is a poor awareness of the natural environment. A Rocha Peru is running organic gardening workshops to bring people closer to nature, help them connect with their local environment and inspire others in the community. Your gift will provide one workshop to train seven young people to create an organic garden. The workshops will help children grow fresh and nutritious vegetables for a healthier diet.


Through the La Libertad Dry Forest Project, A Rocha Peru is working with children and young people at schools and churches to develop environmental awareness from a young age. The children benefit from hands-on training on how to grow fresh and nutritious vegetables, providing easy access to healthy food. Gardening also brings people closer to nature – giving children the chance to have fun digging in the soil, looking after their plants and learning about pollinators. It can offer an opportunity to improve their quality of life and inspire others in the community to connect with their local environment. Applying what they learn, the students can become agents of change for their communities.

The workshops explore a range of topics such as medicinal plants, composting, land preparation, irrigation, pest control and restoration of the dry forest ecosystem. Students can practically apply what they’ve learned by creating a garden and growing their own vegetables such as radishes, beets, spinach, turnips, celery, corn and carrots.

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