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Bannerghatta National Park, just outside the city of Bangalore, provides critical habitat for people and nature. Poor waste management systems around the forest villages frequently attract feral animals and lead to unsanitary conditions for rural communities. Your gift of a wormery will provide a safe way to dispose of organic waste, improving hygiene for families, as well as the health of the soil.


Bannerghatta National Park lies just outside Bangalore, India’s third largest city. The park provides critical habitat for people and nature, including Asian Elephants, Tigers, Leopards and other endangered plants and animals. Yet the sprawling growth of the city has led to increasing conflict between humans and wildlife.

Poor waste management systems around the forest villages have compounded the problem. The open disposal of organic and untreated waste attracts numerous feral animals such as domestic dogs and rats. Wormeries provide a safe alternative that improves the hygiene and sanitation of rural communities, at the same time as improving the health of the soil. The compost can also be sold to provide supplementary income for local families.

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