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Oceans cover 71% of the earth and are teeming with life: beautiful, weird and wonderful creatures, big and small. Sadly, overfishing, pollution and climate change are an increasing threat. A Rocha’s marine activities focus on supporting healthy oceans and the communities who use them. We care for marine protected areas, study biodiversity, remove plastic and promote human health and wellbeing. Your gift today will help A Rocha’s Marine Conservation Programme continue to transform the oceans so that its rich bounty is sustained for future generations.

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A Rocha’s Marine Conservation Programme is part of the global effort to transform the oceans and the people who use them.

Science and theology drive our conservation, education and advocacy efforts. Using our own data and the latest published science, we determine the range of locally important species, habitats and ecological threats to the marine environment. Our theology informs our practice, focusing our work both on the intrinsic value of the oceans as well as their importance in providing for local communities, particularly the poor. It also enables us to consider how our relationship with the ocean affects our wellbeing and connection with God.

A Rocha works in key marine habitats such as coral reefs, seagrass beds, mangroves, kelp forests and coastal beaches. We help species thrive in those habitats, including a number of threatened sharks, sea cucumbers, corals and commercially important fish on the IUCN Red List. Marine protected areas not only protect this biodiversity, they enhance surrounding fisheries where overfishing has previously been a problem.

Plastic pollution is ubiquitous on coasts globally. A Rocha’s research and conservation efforts here have focused on helping people understand the extent of the problem globally and providing resources to help them get involved. We have developed the Microplastics Toolbox to help national A Rocha teams to monitor microplastics as well as enable community members to learn, act and conduct citizen-science research.

Your donation to the Marine Life Conservation Fund will support these and many other critical efforts to protect our precious oceans.

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